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Join us on a journey to revolutionize the advertising landscape by reshaping how brands and audiences connect through groundbreaking digital out-of-home experiences. Install our screens and earn a revenue share.

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Store Partner benefits

Why opt for Dolphin screens in your store?


Convert your store traffic into additional revenue


Run house ads for in-store promotions


Make audio announcements in the store


Engage your customers

Billions of Ad-Impressions

We are integrated with all popular networks, increasing your revenue potential

We Ensure Ad Quality And Your Ad Preferences Are Honoured

At Dolphin, we prioritize the quality of advertisements displayed on our screens in partner stores. 

Our meticulous ad approval process is designed to prevent any undesirable or inappropriate content from being played. By employing advanced screening technology and adhering to industry best practices, we maintain a strict standard for ad content. 

You can also additionally set up the ad preferences on the screens in your stores.

This dedication to ensuring a safe and positive viewer experience sets us apart, providing peace of mind to both our partner stores and the audiences they serve.

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Powerful Ad-Tech At The Core

24x7 CMS & Revenue Dashboard

We have a powerful home-grown CMS to help manage the advertisements and screens. 

Our cloud-scale technology enables us to handle billions of ad impressions, and terabytes of data. We are managing a 24x7 high-availability technology.

We have an Infra which you can trust.



375 M

Impressions Per Week