We are every where your customers are.

C-Stores TV

Ads splash colours in convenience stores TV.
Help your customers out and reach your brands to them.

Grocery Stores

Digital ads give new life to Grocery stores.
Educate your customers and reach your brands to them.

ATM Toppers

Add colour to ATM Toppers by digitally advertising your ads.
Bring life to the choices of your customers.

An end-to-end digital signage platform.

Connecting brands with key decision-makers in a trusted, high-traffic environment.

We Dolphin connect brands with their customers who are the key decision-makers in a trusted, high-traffic environment. Our cloud-based digital signage platform provides you with the ability to remotely manage and showcase your digital content on any display, at multiple locations from anywhere in the world. You can generate customized content and publish it in seconds, so your screens will always be up to date.

Bringing Action To Brands

How to Promote your Business through Dolphin Screens?

Upload your ad to any Dolphin screen by clicking on advertising with us. Choose the location radius of where to play the ads. Upload, preview the content from anywhere. If you need our designers will help to design an ad for your brand.
Now you can see your products bringing joy and revenue to you.

Reach the household decision-maker every week when their wallet is out.

Ensure every play reaches a consumer with AI-verified impressions

Advertise in a brand-safe, trusted environment that’s the centre of the community.

We provide what we promise.

Why Brands Love to Work with Us?

Simply advertising through a digital signage network doesn’t make any sense. All businesses love to increase their brand identity, drive more traffic and sales through advertising. All this comes from a quality audience, trusted location and through proper analysis. This is what makes Dolphin- Digital different from all other digital signage advertisers.

Manage Your Ads From Anywhere.
Creating, updating, scheduling, and serving your content is never more than a click away from your Dolphin Digital portal.
From Total Support to Simple Set Up !

We are digital signage advertising experts. From choosing the location to monitoring and managing, Dolphin digital signage advertising will help you improve the way you visually communicate.

Using our digital signage cloud, you can quickly choose location, design, upload and manage your digital signage content from anywhere.

Dolphin Have Everything You Need for Digital Signage

Trusted for signage by 40+ leading brands

Easy- to- use

Easy to create, schedule and display content.

World-Class Assistance

Skilled team assistance in every step you take.

Analytical Reports and Logs

Real time data on people watching your screens.

Network Control

Manage access and upload scheduled ad content.









Real-Time Analytics Conversion

Define your conversion events in Dolphin Digital’s analytics suite and understand how your OOH campaign is performing against the success metrics you chose.

And, like all of your other marketing channels, it can be viewed in a dashboard.


Frequently Asked Questions; This can guide you to make right decisions.

Why choose Dolphin Digital?

Dolphin can assist you in monetizing your store’s screens by bringing programmatic, hyper-local, and national ads.

How do I purchase ad space?

To learn more about our venues, go to ads.dolphin-digital.com. It’s as simple as 1,2,3 to advertise here!

Is it free to use?

We offer a two-week free trial.

What exactly is programmatic?

Begin with the strategic one to build your brand equity. In contrast to traditional methods of digital advertising, also known as manual methods, programmatic advertising employs automated technology for media buying, which is the process of purchasing advertising space. Dolphin is integrated into major Supply Side Platforms, allowing programmatic purchases of our entire inventory.

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